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Priest Chiropractic

Dr. Evan Rush has always been interested in addressing causes, not symptoms.  As a high school student, Dr. Evan knew the medical field was his calling. While at the University of Central Florida he had a class called "overview of medical professions" where doctors from each specialty presented information. The chiropractor presented and from then on it was decided. The simple science behind it just made sense. The brain controls everything. It does it through the spinal cord and nerves.  Keeping the spine healthy can help the transmission of nerve impulses. 

At the time, there were only 13 chiropractic schools in the country. Dr. Rush chose Life University in Marietta, GA. It was an easy choice. It had not only a gorgeous campus, but also had the highest board scores for years running.

Since graduation, Dr. Evan has expanded his love for the profession serving a diverse population in his home area of Brevard County, adjusting anyone from 2 weeks to 94 years old, athletes and desk job workers alike.

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